Golf in Portugal

When does business and pleasure come together?

There might be a number of answers to this question that come to mind, but no doubt that when you talk about Golf you hit one of the top answers.

Have you ever consider owning and managing a Golf Club?

There is now a great business opportunity to acquire a debt free 9 hole GOLF COURSE. The whole property is 6 hectare and it includes the golf course, a luxury Villas condominium, a Restaurant and a Shop. Two Villas are still for sell. There is a potential from sell or rent two Villas, the Restaurant and a Shop, plus running a Golf club. Its a low risk and sustainable investment with an attactive Internal Rate of Return.

Ideal for a family to move in and run the Golf course in addition to manage the small property portfolio.

It would be equally interesting to someone which has been offered early retirement/windfall and looks forward to enjoying it but wants to “tip its toes” in a mature and efficiently run business.

The business is primarily based on owning, maintaining and running a Golf course and Club. It is also run in conjunction with the property portfolio although its vocation centres clearly around Golf.

The area surrounding the Club is littered with upper and premium market Villas, Resorts and Hotels thus providing the Club with plenty of golfing enthusiasts. Business is very much tied in with passing trade provided by the tourist seeking the Algarve all year round. In addition the business relies on local trade too with a very good number of local residents using the facilities all year round.

Main income derives from Membership fees and Green fees. The property portfolio has not yet contributed to the overall turnover but is expected to start generating a steady income once the units are rented.

Portugal is a golfer’s paradise with not only world class championship golf courses but friendly and intuitive golf courses of every shape and size dotted around the country. The Algarve, in the southern tip of Portugal, is the most popular golfing destination followed by Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast.

There are currently great business opportunities with a ready made market for investors/entrepeneurs who decide to invest or better still to move stock,lock and barrel to Portugal.

Today’s Golfer, UK best selling golf magazine voted the Algarve the best value destination in Europe (2011)for a second successive year. It polled 43 % of the vote more than the second and third destinations combined!

From a lifestyle business proposition Portugal offers an extraordinary all year round climate coupled with excellent indicators such as Security, Friendliness and Health Services (ranked 12th in the World according to World Health Organization and beating countries like USA,UK,Germany,Holland,Switzerland and Ireland).

Investing and residing in Portugal is becoming extremely attractive, especially in the actual economic downturn, with very generous tax and family visa incentives.

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