IT Maintenance Company

The private limited company in question is focused on providing IT hardware services for three main sectors:

· Banking

· Industrial

· Repair Services

These services are provided by a highly skilled and specialised team of 16 employees, specialised in reparation of multi branded hardware equipment. The company’s facilities are located in Lisbon’s, with the ability to support consistent business growth.

The main feature that sets apart the enterprise from its competitors is the ability to repair any equipment in a laboratory environment, with a team capable of developing diagnostic procedures, enabling electronic-level repairs.

The enterprise provides both sales and support services. Regarding product sales, there is a focus towards the banking sector, where the most successful products for this industry are the cheque readers and certification printers. The company also has the capability of developing custom made products to fulfil particular customer needs. This service is particularly popular with the automotive industry, as well as with the clients aforementioned. Complementary to the sales of equipment are the technical support and warranty extension services. A highlight of these services is the support provided to over 3000 cheque readers, forecasted to triple in value over the next two to three years.

The company has historically been run as a small business. The vast, underused storage space as well as the lack of emphasis placed on marketing in the past, places the company in a prime position for expansion and growth, particularly by projecting the company to international markets, with emphasis on Angola, and Mozambique. There is also the possibility of using invested funds to expand business by allowing available experts to train international & national local operators, that are then assigned tasks based on local demands. This will provide an available array of part time employees that will act as local technicians, operating all over the world.

The average returns on current service contracts, worth a total value of €551.3k per year, is of 22%. Last year the total revenue has been approximately €800k. The enterprise is priced at €1m. The company has the potential to use its accumulated experience, credibility and strategic alliances, franchise it and explore it in other geographies, thus addressing a market tenfold its present market. So it’s a highly profitable and secure opportunity!

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