How to Sell your Company?

Contrary to popular belief, companies are not sold just because they are bankrupt or in trouble. There can be a number of different reasons that lead to selling the company, it should be perceived as tradable product, with value, as any other.

In the USA, more than 18% SME’s change hands annually with average selling prices above Us$210.000. In Ireland we estimate that less than 1% of all SME’s are traded annually.

Main reasons for trading SME’s:
It can be owner's personal reasons:
  1. The owner(s) wants to cash in on capital gains;
  2. The owner(s)  is just tired and wants to change his life;
  3. The owner(s)  have family constraints; 
  4. The owner(s)  have health problems;
  5. The owner(s)  have  partner problems;
  6. The owner(s) are incapable, or unsuitable,  of taking the company to the next stage of its development;
  7. The owner(s) have financial difficulties. 
Or economic, strategic reasons:
  1. Market expansion;
  2. Succession;
  3. Restructuring;
  4. Market repositioning;
  5. Integration/disintegration in the value chain;
  6. New opportunity to fill;
  7. Product/Service line extension.